To address these and other questions, we combine knowledge and methods in the fields of social policy, sociology, and psychology in this three-year project funded by the National Science Centre in Poland.

In the situation of increased refugee migration, new solutions for admitting refugees seem to be especially needed. One such intensively developed method is Community Sponsorship (CS), which relies on the cooperation between the state and private actors, as civic society organizations.


This solution seems promising, however has not been thoroughly studied.

Can CS have greater social support than other forms of admitting refugees?

What are the challenges, opportunities and prospects of CS in Europe?


We will investigate these issues in multi-method research, conducted in Poland, Canada, the UK, and Germany.

Our overall objective is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the challenges, opportunities, and prospects of CS in Europe and to develop a theoretical and methodological framework to research CS and its implications for admitting and supporting refugees.



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Project funded by the National Science Centre in Poland
(Grant No UMA-2021/41/B/HS5/04071)

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